Thanks to

uring the development process of the telelab project, some third-party software libraries have been used.
The telelab authors wish to present their best thanks to the developers of these libraries, appreciating above all their efforts in distributing their piece of work under a free license.

  • For the ODE integration algorithms part of the Mantissa (Mathematical Algorithms for Numerical Tasks In Space System Applications - Copyright © 2002-2004 Luc Maisonobe. All rights reserved) library has been included and adapted with the Telelab packages.
    Mantissa is a collection of various mathematical tools developed for simulation purposes. It contains some linear algebra, estimation and geometrical features, and a set of state of the art algorithms for Ordinary Differential Equations solving, all of them supporting multiple switching functions and dense output, as well as some other features. It is distributed under a BSD-like license.
    The This library has demonstrated an high grade of stability and modularity.
    Special thanks are for Luc Maisonobe, who kindly collaborated during the development with his support.

  • For the 3D simulation of the virtual experiments OpenGL™ has been adopted as the reference graphic library. Several Java bindings are available free to use, on the Web. The Telelab authors, at the beginning, disposed for the OpenGl4Java library as the one best responding to their technical requirements. This package has demonstrated its robustness over time (it has been around from 1997) and its popularity in a wide range of applications represented an important factor. The choice of this software item versus other packages was motivated with the need for stability. Many thanks to Sven Gothel and all of the Gl4Java developers.
    OpenGL4Java was a free, open source project, but unfortunately, nowadays it is no longer active. For this reason, the authors of REAL-Lab decided to migrate the graphic library support from OpenGL4Java to JOGL which seems to be the most suggested alternative over the web. It is an open source project distributed under the BSD license. Currently is the reference implementation for JSR-231 (Java Bindings for OpenGL). Thanks to Kenneth Bradley Russell and Christopher John Kline, the first developers, and thanks to the Game Technology Group at Sun Microsystems, which now keep this project alive.